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Cold Rolled Steel
Tata Steelium apart from providing a certain level of quality assures you of the genuineness of the product. It goes a long way in meeting the challenges of gaining a sustainable competitive edge in the market place. With the name ‘Tata Steelium’ being marked on the product itself, one can be assured of the authenticity of the purchase. With Tata Steelium as the source of your raw material, you have a definite edge over your competitors since your customer would tend to rely more on products made from Tata Steelium.
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Tata Steelium will help you benefit from the goodwill and trust the name ‘Tata’ enjoys in the market.
Experience the Tata Steelium advantage…
  • Authenticity and genuineness of the product
  • Superior product quality
  • Savings through better yield
  • Better value for your products
  • Wide range of grades, thickness and width
  • Well organized distribution network throughout the country
  • Quick response & prompt redressal of problems
  • Deliver superior value to your customer on a consistent basis and by design
  • Opportunity to differentiate your product on the basis of raw material source
There are customized grades for varying applications – TR15/HSF1 for furniture, AU03 for drawing and PN02 for panel applications.
Thickness :- 0.40 mm to 3.15 mm
Width :- 50 mm to 1250 mm
Grade :- DQ//EDD
Tata CR Products
Physical Profile
 Class  Size
Width 800 - 1560 mm
Thickness 0.25 - 3.20 mm
Inner diameter   508 mm
Outer diameter 1900 mm max
Thickness Tolerance +/- 0.5% of Nominal Thickness at centre line for 98.5% of the coil length
Width Tolerance
  Edge Type   Nominal Thickness (mm)   Width Range (mm)   Width Tolerance (mm)
Mill Edge - 1000 to 1250 -0,+3
  - >1250 -0,+3
Slit Edge 0.30 to .60 - +0.3/-0
  >0.60 - +0.5/-0
Shape Tolerance
Camber Flatness
2mm OVER 2000mm Best possible -20 | units - without Tension levelling
  Best possible -2 | units - with Tension levelling
Mechanical Properties
Grade Hardness YSRange UTSRange % Elongation r-Bar n-Value
  (HRB) (MPa) (MPa) on 50mm GL on 80mm GL     
IF 28-36 130-160 275-305 48 min 42 min 1.8 min 0.22min
EDD 34-45 130-180 275-315 44 min 38 min 1.6 min 0.2 min
D/DD 45-55 150-240 275-375 35 min 28 min 1.3 min 0.18 min
CQ 50-60 - - - - - -
Surface Finish   Oiling  
Type of Finish Surface Roughness (Ra) Processing Line Oiling Levels
Bright 0.5 max At Skin pass Mill Average 1000 mg/sqm
Dull* 0.6 to 1.6 At Recoiling line 30-1750 mg/sqm
*Restricted range possible on prior agreement 
Surface Characteristic      
Rz 4-6 Microns    
Rmax 6.5 micron max    
PPI 150 min    
Grade Specifications
  IS 513 JIS G3141 BS 1449 DIN 1623 ASTM* EN 10130
Commercial Quality O SPCC CR4   CQ FEP01
Drawing Quality D SPCD CR3 St 12,13 CQ FEP03
Deep Drawing Quality DD SPCE CR2 St 14 DQ FEP03
Extra Deep Drawing Quality (Al Killed, Non Ageing) EDD SPECEN CR1 - EDDQ FEP04
Extra Deep Drawing* Quality (IF Grde)*            
Super Extra Deep Drawing Quality (IF Grade)            
High tensile grades available as per customer's specifications on mutual agreement *ASTM = A366/A366M/A619/ A619M/A620/A620M            
*Available against own specifications.
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